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Fire and Ice

ImageImageThis sweet couple chose NovembeImager to begin their life together in the cozy lodge at Waldenwoods.  The three wood fireplaces were aglow to ward off the very chilly day, but the warmth of the wedding as these two exchanged their vows is what made this beautiful setting even more so.  A rustic theme complemented the atmosphere and the newlyweds were even able to run outside for a few nippy photos before retreating to the lodge for their reception.  We hope the very best for these two as they begin the holidays as husband and wife.

UPDATE: 2/2014: We received a message from this couple that they are expecting a baby this summer!

One Year Later . . . .


Wedding cake“Greetings!

I wanted to take a moment on this day to thank you and your wife for marrying my husband and I a year ago. This year truly has been amazing for us. I apologize on not getting these photos to you sooner. We actually didn’t get them until about 5 months ago ourselves. We have been blessed to welcome our first child into this world in October so we’ve been pretty busy.

I hope you and your wife are doing well and will enjoy the holiday season. Thank you again and feel free to use these pictures on your website.

Best wishes,

Kristin & Michael
p.s. here’s a photo of our daughter Makenzie Ann :)”

Thank you ssssssssssooooooooooooooo much! 

This is why we do what we do! Here are some of the photos from that awesome day!miniature bridesmaidVows 2011an officer

They met in Edinburgh . . . yes, SCOTLAND

What an extreme pleasure to bring these two people together who met on the other side of the Earth!  He is from Scotland, traditionally dressed–she from Michigan who just happened to be in the same pub at the same time–DESTINY–as neither of them were supposed to be there at the time.  They will get to spend a few precious days together before she returns to Russia and he to his post in the Bristish Army.  Hopefully, before too long, they will be able to stay together on one continent as husband and wife. Planning the wedding long distance via email was a challenge, but it worked out  just wonderfully –DESTINY again!  Bagpipes and all . . . .