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Five Years Down-Eternity to Go!

Emily and John 8We met this couple on their fifth wedding anniversary. They had rented a house on the beach to renew their vows. Just the two of them and the two of us and the waves lapping the rocks on a beautiful Memorial weekend day.

They cherished the time to reconnect and recommit leaving the world behind for just a few days. A lesson for all to step back and enjoy what God has joined together and keep your love fresh. As you can see, their renewal was a special moment for this special couple. Keep up the good work and continue to nurture your marriage and it will never let you down.

Chapels in the Spring


Apple Mountain Chapel


Almont New  Church Assembly

The last two weekend weddings involved beautiful historic chapels!  There is something quaint about Springtime and chapels and, of course, getting to ring the bell in celebration after the newlyweds have been presented as husband and wife!  We have performed weddings on several repeat occassions at various old chapels in Michigan and each one is unique!

Antique and White Lace

What a beautiful May day for a small country chapel wedding! Even though it is on the grounds of a golf course, it seems like a century back in time when you open the huge doors into the bell tower foyer.  The pews and arch windows made it even more elegant. On the platform is a fasinating wooden altar and lecturn fine crafted a long time ago.  This great couple had such a perfect archway of bubbles as they re-entered the chapel for pictures and the attending children were in awe with grown ups blowing bubbles with them!

Future preachers?  Very cute picture, huh?

Congratulations to this lovely couple and may the future be as bright as the day they said I do ~ 

They met in Edinburgh . . . yes, SCOTLAND

What an extreme pleasure to bring these two people together who met on the other side of the Earth!  He is from Scotland, traditionally dressed–she from Michigan who just happened to be in the same pub at the same time–DESTINY–as neither of them were supposed to be there at the time.  They will get to spend a few precious days together before she returns to Russia and he to his post in the Bristish Army.  Hopefully, before too long, they will be able to stay together on one continent as husband and wife. Planning the wedding long distance via email was a challenge, but it worked out  just wonderfully –DESTINY again!  Bagpipes and all . . . .

Winter Wonderland

For some reason, winter isn’t the most popular time for weddings.  However, those that are brave enough to weather the weather, it can be a beautiful background especially overlooking a white coated golf course, which our couple chose at Sycamore Hills in Macomb.  It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon and the snow glistened over the green through the floor to ceiling windows creating a fairy tale appearance where these two great people committed their lives to each other.   Such a wonderful day–thanks for the memories!

Summer Breeze . . . makes me feel fine!

What a great day for a wedding on the Lake!  This awesome gazebo is at Gino’s Surf in Harrison Township. 

The weather was just alittle overcast and the boaters saluted this wonderful couple as they sealed their vows with a kiss!  They chose to do the braid ceremony as part of their wedding and here is the keepsake it creates.  Everything was just about perfect on this special day for a very special couple!  We received a touching voice message on the day they returned from their Honeymoon as to how spectacular they thought their wedding was . . . they are two pretty spectacular people!  Congratulations!

The Perfect Summer Wedding Day . . .

Every once in a while, even in Michigan, the perfect summer day arrives.  How great it was a Saturday this time! 

A picture perfect day for a wedding and a most awesome setting at Apple Mountain Chapel.  The ringbearer and flowergirl arrived in a ‘”coach” (decorated wagon) and the bridesmaids and bride in a “limo” (a really cool multi rowed golf cart).  All in all, a most excellent wedding!  We hope you two have a wonderful life together as you are off to a great start ~

Tornado Warning NOT on the Itinerary . . .

All was perfectly on schedule for this Memorial weekend wedding.  The weather was alittle volitle, so the ceremony was brought indoors and went off without a hitch.  However, the location was the beautiful Marriott at Eagle Crest.  The lobby was a gorgeous setting for the wedding. How bad could that be? 
                               Right after the bride and groom signed their marriage license 
.  . .  the tornado sirens went off sending about 500 guests, staff, wedding attendees down into the tunnels to wait out the storm.  The reception was delayed a bit, but a most unforgettable day for this awesome bride and groom!  May that be the worst storm they have to weather as a couple.

Ark in the Park

We continue to be amazed at the incredible locations we have the privledge to perform wedding ceremonies at!  This is the “ark” on the grounds of Grecian Center and it was just stunning.  Speaking of stunning, so was the beautiful bride who held up on a very hot day and continued to be throughout the stifling heat.  I was alittle distracted expecting someone to faint, but, as usual, God was gracious and everything was perfect.  Congratulations to you and may God richly bless your life together now and forever!

Oh, Happy Day!

This beautiful couple ran to the gazebo because it was raining . . . we couldn’t believe it because we had prayed it wouldn’t rain!  Then something glorious happened.  Three minutes into the ceremony the rain STOPPED and the SUN came out!  It was extraordinary!  God keeps His promises and it sure made this newlywed couple happy.