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Chapels in the Spring


Apple Mountain Chapel


Almont New  Church Assembly

The last two weekend weddings involved beautiful historic chapels!  There is something quaint about Springtime and chapels and, of course, getting to ring the bell in celebration after the newlyweds have been presented as husband and wife!  We have performed weddings on several repeat occassions at various old chapels in Michigan and each one is unique!

Getting to Know YOU

This couple met on the Internet–yes, I’ve said it.  Social websites are wonderful ways to meet new people and maybe even fall in love.  This special couple met in a chat room, continued to chat, which led to phone calls, then meeting and finally marriage! It is possible to meet the spouse of your dreams with a stroke of the keys . . . .           Fern Hills       

UPDATE:  Even as the years go by, we still hear from our wonderful couples!  Here is an updated picture of their blended family and their beautiful daughter who arrived just about a year following their ceremony!  We couldn’t be prouder seeing the families grow over the years!ZACHARY AND jASMINE

Fashionably Late, but ended up Great!

The wedding was supposed to begin at 6 pm.  At 5:55, no bride-no groom.  The maid of honor and flowergirl were waiting for their dresses to arrive.  The bride’s mom was frantically making phone calls.  Panic was rising in the other attendants . . . . in walks the groom, which we tucked away to keep from seeing the bride.  Minutes later, the bride arrives.  Frenzy in the ladies room as dresses, shoes and flowers were passed out.  Unbelievably, the wedding ceremony began less than 15 minutes later!  After this beautiful bride and her new husband were pronounced — there were smiles all around.  What an amazing blessing from God that all the chaos melted away when the ceremony began.

Winter Wonderland

For some reason, winter isn’t the most popular time for weddings.  However, those that are brave enough to weather the weather, it can be a beautiful background especially overlooking a white coated golf course, which our couple chose at Sycamore Hills in Macomb.  It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon and the snow glistened over the green through the floor to ceiling windows creating a fairy tale appearance where these two great people committed their lives to each other.   Such a wonderful day–thanks for the memories!

“Then and Now . . . Ten Years Later”

Ten years ago . . . on the Boardwalk 
June 2011 at the same place  This couple chose to renew their wedding vows at the same location that he first asked her to marry him.  A gesture to let her know, he would do it all over again!  What a romantic way to celebrate their first ten years together as husband and wife. . . . . . . Congratulations!

Tornado Warning NOT on the Itinerary . . .

All was perfectly on schedule for this Memorial weekend wedding.  The weather was alittle volitle, so the ceremony was brought indoors and went off without a hitch.  However, the location was the beautiful Marriott at Eagle Crest.  The lobby was a gorgeous setting for the wedding. How bad could that be? 
                               Right after the bride and groom signed their marriage license 
.  . .  the tornado sirens went off sending about 500 guests, staff, wedding attendees down into the tunnels to wait out the storm.  The reception was delayed a bit, but a most unforgettable day for this awesome bride and groom!  May that be the worst storm they have to weather as a couple.

Just Between Neighbors

This great couple had quite a tale to tell.  What began as next door neighbors, turned to friendship, then love and on this day, marriage.  Their biggest dilemma was which one would sell their house?  They must’ve worked out the bugs on that one, as here they are, starting their lives together AS ONE.  Congratulations!!!!!  It wouldn’t have been complete, however, without a picture of the Dr. Suess “Man Trap” cake ~~~

Ark in the Park

We continue to be amazed at the incredible locations we have the privledge to perform wedding ceremonies at!  This is the “ark” on the grounds of Grecian Center and it was just stunning.  Speaking of stunning, so was the beautiful bride who held up on a very hot day and continued to be throughout the stifling heat.  I was alittle distracted expecting someone to faint, but, as usual, God was gracious and everything was perfect.  Congratulations to you and may God richly bless your life together now and forever!

Downhome Wedding

This happy couple decided the best place for their wedding would be the home that they shared with loved ones.  They wanted to be married before the start of 2011 to begin their year as newlyweds.  The bride used the home staircase to make her entrance to meet her groom in the livingroom.  Many happy memories are in this house and a new one was just made.  Our best for this couple as they start off the new year together!

Flint Motorcycle Club was the place to be!

Initially, this wedding was supposed to be outside.  However, December does have it’s challenges in Michigan for outdoor weddings!  The groom had built this beautiful arbor for the outdoor ceremony.  Since the wedding was brought inside–so was the arbor!  The couple plan to reassemble it in their backyard this Spring as a reminder of their very special day.  Despite having to bring the party in, it was a gorgeous wedding just the same.  We hope a long and happy life together for this new husband and wife.