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Cherished Memories

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Reunited, and it feels so good . . . .


I am always so happy when I encounter a couple who have gone through the anguish of divorce, and are getting remarried.
We say our vows, and we mean them.
Sometimes however things happen in life that we think we simply cannot stay together.
It is a blessing that these two lovely people are coming back together again with more wisdom, experience, love, and the strength of a marriage that only comes from going through life’s fires and coming out the other side.lwc 007

From first we met . . .

This lovely bride told us the story of meeting her husband when he would come in to the store where she worked.  First they exchanged glances, then smiles, then words . . . to his surprise, this blue eyed blonde spoke fluent Spanish.  There, the connection was made and she discovered that she knew several of his family members!  As the conversations grew, so did their love until this day, their wedding day!
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Taking the Plunge (literally!)

090909This couple decided on 09/09/09 to “Take the Plunge” ! After being presented as husband and wife–they jumped off the Boardwalk together ~ needless to say, all of us in attendance were smiling ear to ear.  They still look pretty good , even all wet! ♥  It was a memory none of us (especially them!) will ever forget.  It is such a pleasure to know that something special will happen at each wedding–this was definitely one of the finest moments!  Sure glad our Michigan Fall kept the water warm . . .  Congrats to you both!