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Chapels in the Spring


Apple Mountain Chapel


Almont New  Church Assembly

The last two weekend weddings involved beautiful historic chapels!  There is something quaint about Springtime and chapels and, of course, getting to ring the bell in celebration after the newlyweds have been presented as husband and wife!  We have performed weddings on several repeat occassions at various old chapels in Michigan and each one is unique!

March Memories

What a beautuful day it ended up being for a wedding.  Almost a glitch in the matrix when the groom’s parents were shuttled to the wrong hall, but they showed up exactly on time for the ceremony to commense.  As the couple were having their pictures taken outside at sunset–the traffic entertained us with the traditional horn honking. All was well with this super nice couple.  Congratulations!

Springtime in Michigan

What a perfect day for a wedding!  May arrived and with it the splendor of Spring ceremonies.  This couple’s wedding day was also the Bride’s birthday.  That is one sure way to guarantee not forgetting your wife’s birthday or your anniversary.  A wonderful birthday present to begin your new life together with your soulmate.  The ceremony was filled with laughter and love and that is what we hope for this couple everyday for the rest of their lives.  Congratulations!