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Cherished Memories

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Our Two 12/12/12 weddings!

12 12 12 007 to send to Kandie (2)The first wedding was at 12:00 on 12/12/12 on the boardwalk in Port Huron near the bridges.  Our chilly couple shed a few icicle tears, but didn’t let the temperature effect their happiness.  Congratulations and may God’s Blessings be on you both! We also received an awesome email from the delighted couple a few days later:

“Rev Tab,
  Brian and myself would like to give you our heartfilled thanks for providing us with such a unique ceremony that fit our personalites to a “T”. The day weather wise was perfect,  the sun was out, the sounds of the water so perfect.  It was more than we could have hoped for. That day, at the same exact time we cried tears of happiness together.  We are excited to see pictures so we may look at them daily as a reminder of how beautiful our day was.

You are truly a God send.  Groom and Bride 12/12/12″



The second lovely couple decided that the best location for their small wedding was the assisted living home where she worked.  How touching  and selfless to share their most intimate day with those who would otherwise be unable to attend. 12 12 12Kristie n David (2) The contrast was a warm indoor with the fireplace and Christmas tree, but both weddings were amazingly beautiful!  Congratuations and thank you for allowing me to be a part of your 12/12/12 wedding!   

Winter Wonderland

For some reason, winter isn’t the most popular time for weddings.  However, those that are brave enough to weather the weather, it can be a beautiful background especially overlooking a white coated golf course, which our couple chose at Sycamore Hills in Macomb.  It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon and the snow glistened over the green through the floor to ceiling windows creating a fairy tale appearance where these two great people committed their lives to each other.   Such a wonderful day–thanks for the memories!

Blending of the Old and New


The groom’s background is Jewish, the bride’s Christian. 

 They chose to have a Christian ceremony, but wanted to include some of the Jewish traditions: 


The wedding ceremony takes place under the chuppah (canopy), a symbol of the home that the new couple will build together. It is open on all sides, just as Abraham and Sarah had their tent open all sides to welcome people in unconditional hospitality.

Breaking the Glass

A glass is now placed on the floor, and the chatan shatters it with his foot. This serves as an expression of sadness at the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem, and identifies the couple with the spiritual and national destiny of the Jewish people. A Jew, even at the moment of greatest rejoicing, is mindful of the Psalmist’s injunction to “set Jerusalem above my highest joy.”

The incorporation of these made this sacred ritual even more so and all the families were happy with the ceremony.  This couple plans to make a trip to Israel as part of an excavation project this winter.  That makes this entire journey come full circle.  We pray for peace and protection and great memories for this special couple that chose to share their day with us.  Congratualtions and “Mazel Tov!”

Downhome Wedding

This happy couple decided the best place for their wedding would be the home that they shared with loved ones.  They wanted to be married before the start of 2011 to begin their year as newlyweds.  The bride used the home staircase to make her entrance to meet her groom in the livingroom.  Many happy memories are in this house and a new one was just made.  Our best for this couple as they start off the new year together!