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Trolley Trip Tradition!

What fun it was for this couple to be ushered from their Almont wedding to the Romeo reception! Scott and Laura Wedding Masonic Temple Aug 2 2014 019
Pure country at it’s finest.   It was yet another beautiful summer day when this couple tied the knot.  The organist accidentally started playing, “Here comes the Bride”, as the parents of the couple were being ushered down the aisle and everyone stood up!  Melanie gently went in and motioned for everyone to sit down as the father of the bride yelled out–“you don’t stand for us–we’re already married!”.  The guests laughed, sat down, and got it right when the bride made her grand entrance.  Never know what might happen from one wedding to the next, but that is what makes each and every one so special and unique!  Scott and Laura Wedding Masonic Temple Aug 2 2014 011

They met in Edinburgh . . . yes, SCOTLAND

What an extreme pleasure to bring these two people together who met on the other side of the Earth!  He is from Scotland, traditionally dressed–she from Michigan who just happened to be in the same pub at the same time–DESTINY–as neither of them were supposed to be there at the time.  They will get to spend a few precious days together before she returns to Russia and he to his post in the Bristish Army.  Hopefully, before too long, they will be able to stay together on one continent as husband and wife. Planning the wedding long distance via email was a challenge, but it worked out  just wonderfully –DESTINY again!  Bagpipes and all . . . .