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Make Your Wedding Day ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ The Perfect Day!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

♥     Isn’t that the whole idea?  It is your day, your decisions, your memories, YOUR WEDDING.  What is best for your individual circumstances?  Where do you want to get married? Wishing Well Weddings will come to where you want to be married.  We have done intimate home weddings as well as extravagant reception hall wedding ceremonies both inside and out any time of the year.  Whether large or small, OUR PRICE IS THE SAME!  No hidden “extras”. 
 Why settle for a justice of the peace officiant or a cold and sterile judge’s office when you can get married in a meaningful and memorable place?  The point is . . .  you can be married wherever you want!   You are only limited by your imagination and resources!  From romantic to practical or for the convenience of having your reception and ceremony all in one place.  That is what Wishing Well Weddings is all about.  
 Why choose us?  First of all, Rev. Tab is a REAL ordained wedding minister–for over 20 years!  We care . . . we really do.  There isn’t a wedding we do that is routine.  We include FREE ceremony coordination services, if needed.  Having a minister is great, but who helps you with the processional and all the last minute details?   
 We try to make your BIG day as worry free as possible.  Just read a few of our REVIEWS from our couples and you will know why Wishing Well Weddings is a cut above the rest.  Below are several pages of some of the beautiful wedding ceremonies Rev. Tab has performed for your enjoyment .  .  . we look forward to the chance to meet you and hope to help you plan YOUR special day!   ENJOY!

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Country Roads Lead to Love

Country Roadvows 0629Wedding 020 (2)

We love traveling down the road to a country wedding with the anticipation of the beautiful backdrop God has made for a ceremony.  Once again, the weather threatened earlier in the day to be less than perfect, but the windows of Heaven opened up to a glorious afternoon for this lovely couple.  The wedding party all had their cowboy boots on and stood in front of this birch arbor the groom made for his bride.  This happy couple glowed as the guests witnessed their first moments as newlyweds.  What began as friends, turned to love and an awesome future together.

Stony Creek Style

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJen and Joe at Stoney CreekWe always love our weddings at Stony Creek, but, we have our memories from each that make it extra special!  This happened to be one of the few super hot summer days in Michigan.  When we arrived, the fans were blasting in the tent and we saw the bride sitting on a stool in her shorts and t-shirt trying to stay cool before the big moment arrived.  The walk to the gazebo is a rather long one . . . but the couple had arranged for a golf cart to provide transportation to the guests who preferred not to walk.  However, the cart arrived five minutes before the ceremony was about to begin so we were amused by the driver racing down and back scurrying to get the guest in place.  The bride and her dad made the walk down the wood chip path to her waiting groom.  All were alittle steamy, but it was worth every degree!  May they find happiness and love and “warmth” throughout their marriage!

Wonderful Weekend of Weddings!

Every once in a while, it just all comes together to be able to help several couples have their dream weddings all on the same weekend . . . so, here are FOUR that just were perfectly orchestrated time wise to all work out.  There was a few tense moments when we encountered a detour, but God worked it out. Each one was as beautiful as the one before and we were so blessed that these couples chose us to share their wedding day with us!  Congratulations!!!!!!!

Married on the 4th of July . . . Firecrackers and All!

As the picnickers were gathering to take their spot along the Boardwalk in St. Clair, this couple decided it was a great day to seal their relationship with a BANG . . .

getting married on the Fourth of July!  I doubt that this couple will every forget their wedding day as the fireworks begin . . . a not so subtle reminder!  As they drove off together in a Model T, we wish them a long and happy life together!

Summertime in Michigan

What a summer this has been!  Again, not one drop of rain on our outdoor weddings all season long, but it sure has been hot, hot, hot . . .this day was no exception!  Just when we all thought we couldn’t take it one more minute, a gentle breeze began blowing (as you can see by her veil) and make the rest of the ceremony a beautiful time.  The bride had asked that God would give her a sunny day for her wedding, well, she got it and then some. This happy couple will make their home out of state, but their life together began with God’s blessings on it as the bride’s prayer was answered.