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Reunited, and it feels so good . . . .


I am always so happy when I encounter a couple who have gone through the anguish of divorce, and are getting remarried.
We say our vows, and we mean them.
Sometimes however things happen in life that we think we simply cannot stay together.
It is a blessing that these two lovely people are coming back together again with more wisdom, experience, love, and the strength of a marriage that only comes from going through life’s fires and coming out the other side.lwc 007

There’s no place like home . . .

The beauty of a home wedding is the intimacy and memories.  Every day, this couple will remember their wedding day whenever they are in the living room!  What a way to keep your romance alive.  This couple chose to surround themselves with family and a casual, yet beautiful wedding.  How great of a day it was for both them and us as we got to be a part of not only their lives, but home as well.  We look foward to seeing them again and hope they have a long, happy life in the shelter of their love and home . . .

where it all started.