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From first we met . . .

This lovely bride told us the story of meeting her husband when he would come in to the store where she worked.  First they exchanged glances, then smiles, then words . . . to his surprise, this blue eyed blonde spoke fluent Spanish.  There, the connection was made and she discovered that she knew several of his family members!  As the conversations grew, so did their love until this day, their wedding day!
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Grandma’s Garden

As this couple vowed to spend their lives together, another memory was made.  The house on the beach was built by the bride’s grandparents many years ago and today they got to witness the marriage of their granddaughter on the same beach she played as a child.  I’m sure that visions of that little girl were in their minds and hearts as this young woman became a wife.  As they walked through the garden to the beach and held their sand ceremony on a table made by her grandfather, richness of tradition continued. Surrounded by others who shared the good times just experienced yet another with this beautiful bride and her new husband.  Thank you for sharing it with us as well!

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Selfridge Standby/Italy Bound!

Two weeks prior to this wedding, we were contacted by the bride’s father asking if we could be on stay by for his daughter’s wedding.  Obviously, this raised our curiousity as the details were revealed that both her and her fiance’ were in the Air Force and currently out of the country. 

They had a three day window to fly to Michigan to get married before deployment to Italy and those dates were not quite known at this point. R and R They were to be married in the chapel on Selfridge ANGB. 

We were excited and honored to be a part of this precisely timed ceremony.  We got the word two days before of the time and made our plans accordingly.  The gloriously nervous bride and groom arrived separately as to not see each other before the moment of the bride’s entry.  R and R all smiles!

Her dad stationed himself outside waiting for the other family members . . . then came the glitch. 

A few of the guests were lacking proper ID to get on to the base!  After about a half an hour of negotiations and other forms of proof, the rest of the guests scurried in and the wedding began! 

A very proud moment in our lives to help these two beautiful members of our armed forces began their married lives before being sent to another country. Congratulations, thank you and–we salute you!


Ronnie and Rachel“Hello Reverend Martin, just wanted you to know that Rachel and Ronnie are expecting a baby boy ! They are now stationed in North Carolina at Fort Bragg. They just bought a new home there. Rachel is home this weekend for her baby shower and heads back on Sunday morning ! She received the award for Airman Of the year for all of Europe ! And was promoted to senior Airman !” 

. . . . . . . and the new arrival, makes 3!  Congratulations!!!!1453472_1435092033377459_1947341384_n

4 years = 4 ever

Once again, a perfect day at the beach for this young couple starting out their lives as ONE. It took 4 years for them to get here, having met one fateful night 4 years ago at a wedding of mutual friends. Through many moves around the country apart and together, they finally realized that God had a plan for the two of them. Their love survived trials and time zones to bring them to this very special day. No longer would they travel the paths of life alone, but the path through the woods to the beach began their forever.

Congratulations and Blessings!
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Roostertails at The Roostertail!

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What an exciting day to have a wedding at The Roostertail! With the Gold Cup 2013 Detroit Hydroplane races going on–the whole area was buzzing. Rehearsal was somewhat challenging having to compete with the time trial announcements, but it was fun nonetheless. Not only did we get to perform the marriage of this lovely out of state couple, but got to enjoy the thrill of the hydroplanes! All in all, a most excellent time!

Field of Dreams . . .

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We met this couple at a bridal show and they told us they were planning on getting married in Ruby, MI over the 4th of July weekend. A few weeks later, they contacted us to discuss their wedding plans and book their date. When we arrived, we walked down a path that opened up into a clearing with a pond in the middle surrounded by campers. It was an annual family gathering that this couple chose to share their wedding day with. With grills cooking and children playing, this wedding took place upon a hill in front of the family and guests. We love all the surprises we get to experience along the way and this was, definitely a very pleasant one! The best to the two of you!

Good Times at Good Tymes Barn!

Country Weddings 022Country Weddings 009Country Weddings 014What a good time had by all at the Good Tymes Barn wedding. All the wedding party wore cowboy boots to kick up their heels at the reception and I made sure I had my boots on. The sky was menacing prior to the ceremony, but as always, God is good and staved off the rain on this very hot July afternoon. This country scene was perfect for this country couple. May they continue to love, laugh and enjoy each other!