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Fireworks For This Fourth of July Couple

The 4th of July is the bride’s favorite holiday.  What better day than to also get married on your favorite day?  The couple was planning on surprising everyone at the backyard BBQ with their wedding, but decided to spill the beans (not the baked beans : ) so that all would show up in time to celebrate this joyous occasion with them.  The weather was perfect and the couple had known each other when they were younger.  As happens, life sent them in different directions, but alas, they found each other again and knew that the fireworks were still there!

Jeff and Stacia 017


Memorial Made Memories

This couple decided to tie the knot at the historic Grosse Pointe War Memorial. Being a veteran, my spirit was stirred with all of the artifacts and pictures. The wedding was set in the library with a glowing two way fireplace lighting up the room. With family and friends gathered around, this couple became a family with his children being a part of the ceremony. He had planned a secret for his new bride trying to recreate the honeymoon scene in “It’s a Wonderful Life” back at their newly purchased home–where they would be spending their first night together. Congratulations and may you always have . . . a wonderful life!
Nick and Laurie War Memorial Wedding 013 (2)

God Blessed the Broken Road

How truly awe inspiring it is when you hear stories of young love going their separate ways and God bringing them back together after many years apart.  This is what happened to these two.  Life sent them in different directions in marriage and children, but it didn’t work out–as if they were meant to be, their paths crossed again, much older, and wiser and realizing that there still was a chance from that love that was sparked all those years ago.  The bride’s entrance song was “Bless the Broken Road”, which was so perfect for their wedding day.  Now that these soul mates have married, we know their life together will be everything they ever dreamed it would be.  Bless you ~

Shawn and Erin an Paul and Diana Sept 27 28 2013 079Shawn and Erin an Paul and Diana Sept 27 28 2013 108 - Copy

Motown Magic

This couple decided that they wanted to be married on the Detroit Boardwalk in front of the Ren Cen. It was a beautiful day–so much so that lots of people were enjoying the stroll . . . until they stopped and realized there was a wedding going on! Little did the couple know that a crowd had gathered behind them quietly observing them exchanging their vows and rings. When I pronounced them husband and wife–the astounded look on their faces were priceless when they heard a roar of applause behind them! When I turned them around to introduce them–they were shocked to see the “guests” attending their wedding ceremony. It was a precious and awesome moment for me as well as the newlyweds.Marvinand Mell 003Marvinand Mell 013Marvinand Mell 019Marvinand Mell 020

Field of Dreams . . .

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We met this couple at a bridal show and they told us they were planning on getting married in Ruby, MI over the 4th of July weekend. A few weeks later, they contacted us to discuss their wedding plans and book their date. When we arrived, we walked down a path that opened up into a clearing with a pond in the middle surrounded by campers. It was an annual family gathering that this couple chose to share their wedding day with. With grills cooking and children playing, this wedding took place upon a hill in front of the family and guests. We love all the surprises we get to experience along the way and this was, definitely a very pleasant one! The best to the two of you!

Country Roads Lead to Love

Country Roadvows 0629Wedding 020 (2)

We love traveling down the road to a country wedding with the anticipation of the beautiful backdrop God has made for a ceremony.  Once again, the weather threatened earlier in the day to be less than perfect, but the windows of Heaven opened up to a glorious afternoon for this lovely couple.  The wedding party all had their cowboy boots on and stood in front of this birch arbor the groom made for his bride.  This happy couple glowed as the guests witnessed their first moments as newlyweds.  What began as friends, turned to love and an awesome future together.

En este, nuestro día de la boda (On this, our wedding day)

M and I wedding

As we love what we do and always have unique opportunities, this couple approached us requesting a wedding ceremony.  The bride spoke little English, but wanted me to perform their wedding nonetheless.  Through an interpreter, we were able to communicate each and every word of the ceremony for her to be able to understand and repeat her vows.  It was an awesome occasion and we are so grateful to be asked to be involved in joining together another man and woman in holy matrimony despite the language barrier!