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Five Times to Get IT Right!

Castle Wedding And Uris 041 (1)It’s not what you think–this is not the fifth time this couple have been married, but it is the fifth time they were married to each other!  It started as a joke, but then, it became a fun tradition.  They got married in Vegas by an Elvis impersonator–twice at the Renaissance Festival and once by “Friar Tuck” at a costume party!  It was such fun to pronounce them truly and legally married in the fifth and final ceremony!  Since you two decided to tie the knot five times, I would say that you are going to make it last.  Looking forward to their vow renewals in the future!Party (1)

Taking the Plunge (literally!)

090909This couple decided on 09/09/09 to “Take the Plunge” ! After being presented as husband and wife–they jumped off the Boardwalk together ~ needless to say, all of us in attendance were smiling ear to ear.  They still look pretty good , even all wet! ♥  It was a memory none of us (especially them!) will ever forget.  It is such a pleasure to know that something special will happen at each wedding–this was definitely one of the finest moments!  Sure glad our Michigan Fall kept the water warm . . .  Congrats to you both!