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Passing Up/Down the Wedding Gown!

Dan and Tracy in Lindon July 5th 2014 009As I went to talk to the bride and was admiring her wedding gown, her daughter told me that her mom was wearing her wedding gown.  That was a new twist!  How great it was the mom was able to fit into her daughter’s gown and get another wearing for it.  Maybe, when the granddaughter grows up, she can be part of the tradition and wear it also! Dan and Tracy in Lindon July 5th 2014 004 This fun backyard wedding involved a bonfire, music and fun guests and was a most perfect day for the newlyweds!

St. Patrick’s Day Weekend Wedding

Oh, what fun this group was for the rehearsal all decked out in their Irish gear and revved up for the wedding celebration that occurred a few days later!

20140312_191405_resizedThe day of the wedding was met with fun, beauty andthumbnail honor with a bagpipe parade leading the couple into their reception!  It was a great time had by all and so much happiness to be a part of these spectacular occasions!  May the Irish Blessing I spoke over the two of you come to past every day of your lives.  Thank you for allowing me the privilege.  031514

Just Between Neighbors

This great couple had quite a tale to tell.  What began as next door neighbors, turned to friendship, then love and on this day, marriage.  Their biggest dilemma was which one would sell their house?  They must’ve worked out the bugs on that one, as here they are, starting their lives together AS ONE.  Congratulations!!!!!  It wouldn’t have been complete, however, without a picture of the Dr. Suess “Man Trap” cake ~~~


It is hard to have a less than perfect ceremony at Addison Oaks and this one was no exception! 

The bride was  elegant in her unique one shoulder gown and her groom was so flabbergasted by her beauty that he had a little trouble repeating his vows . . .  After some giggling guests and a lot of smiles, he got through it and made the ceremony all the more memorable.  Congratulations to a very sweet couple!