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Chapels in the Spring


Apple Mountain Chapel


Almont New  Church Assembly

The last two weekend weddings involved beautiful historic chapels!  There is something quaint about Springtime and chapels and, of course, getting to ring the bell in celebration after the newlyweds have been presented as husband and wife!  We have performed weddings on several repeat occassions at various old chapels in Michigan and each one is unique!

Better Late Than Never . . . .

The guests were waiting and waiting and waiting . . . was there going to be a wedding???  Somewhere along the route, the limo bus got stuck in 5:00 rush traffic and couldn’t make it to the ceremony location on time.  If it had been a gorgeous day . . . no one would’ve minded.  This was not one of those days for this outside wedding.


As the late Fall sky darkened, the wedding party finally arrived!  Once this ceremony was done, it was like a fire drill as the guest ran to get inside and warmed up.  Here is a picture of the happy couple, once they had a chance to thaw out . . .

Congratulations and as they say, “better late than never”.

Wonderful Weekend of Weddings!

Every once in a while, it just all comes together to be able to help several couples have their dream weddings all on the same weekend . . . so, here are FOUR that just were perfectly orchestrated time wise to all work out.  There was a few tense moments when we encountered a detour, but God worked it out. Each one was as beautiful as the one before and we were so blessed that these couples chose us to share their wedding day with us!  Congratulations!!!!!!!

The Long and Winding Road . . .

that leads to the wedding . . .

For those of you who have had a chance to visit the relatively new George George Park, you know that it has this beautiful pavillion for wedding ceremonies.  However, it is a rather long walk for the bride when she is making her grand entrance from the parking lot. We witnessed the bride exit the limo and the porocessional began . . . and ended . . .  but, where is the bride?  There is a section where the trees and fountain hide the path–that’s where our bride was making some necessary adjustments to continue her walk down the aisle!  A few curious moments passed, but Rev. assured everyone, there was a bride on the way–and as you can see, she made her meeting with her groom!  Congratulations, you two, and much happiness!!!

Winter Wonderland

For some reason, winter isn’t the most popular time for weddings.  However, those that are brave enough to weather the weather, it can be a beautiful background especially overlooking a white coated golf course, which our couple chose at Sycamore Hills in Macomb.  It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon and the snow glistened over the green through the floor to ceiling windows creating a fairy tale appearance where these two great people committed their lives to each other.   Such a wonderful day–thanks for the memories!

Scenic Setting For A Nature Wedding

What a gorgeous setting this couple chose for their wedding at the Pine River Nature Center in Goodells ~  The porch of the Nature Center was just about perfect for this couple to exchange their vows.  Even though the radar showed a severe storm was on the way before the ceremony was completed–God had another plan and held off that weather until this awesome couple had a chance to complete their dream wedding.  Enjoy that great Honeymoon in the Mountains!  We hope you get that air balloon ride in also . . .

Sunset Serenade

A light warm breeze, swans on the pond, frogs croaking, horses neighing  . . . a delightful setting for a sunset wedding!  We were so excited to be a part of this backyard ceremony that was perfect in every way.  Their wedding date was exactly two years from the day he proposed! We hope this new husband and wife’s life together will be as perfect as their wedding day in every way!  Much happiness to YOU.