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Five Times to Get IT Right!

Castle Wedding And Uris 041 (1)It’s not what you think–this is not the fifth time this couple have been married, but it is the fifth time they were married to each other!  It started as a joke, but then, it became a fun tradition.  They got married in Vegas by an Elvis impersonator–twice at the Renaissance Festival and once by “Friar Tuck” at a costume party!  It was such fun to pronounce them truly and legally married in the fifth and final ceremony!  Since you two decided to tie the knot five times, I would say that you are going to make it last.  Looking forward to their vow renewals in the future!Party (1)

Farm, Fun, Food, Friends and Family

What a making for a perfect wedding day!  The grounds were set for 200 guests to converge on this family farm to witness the nupitals of this perfectly matched couple.  Garth Brooks’ music provided the recessional and all were ready for the great party ahead.  We hope this new couple will remember their wedding day with happiness, laughter and loved ones gathered to share the first day as husband and wife.  Congratulations ~ 

Love in Bloom

It had been raining off and on all day. We captured a picture of this beautiful rose that was a part of the floral arrangements set up by the archway. We were once again so blessed that our couple were able to have their ceremony outside in this beautiful setting. The bride was concerned that the dream they had was going to have to be modified, but fifteen minutes before the ceremony–the rain stopped and the staff at Thomas Edison Inn quickly wiped down the chairs and we were able to fulfill this new husband and wife’s first dream as a married couple. Congratulations!

A Glorious Last Outdoor Wedding!~

Who would of thought that the weather would be absolutely beautiful on October 30th for an outdoor wedding! Well, we were so blessed that the end of the season for outdoor weddings at Fore Lakes turned out so great! This out of state couple got a real treat with Michigan cooperating to make their special day that much more special with the sunshine and warmth to carry home with them and make it even more perfect. Everyone was smiling as the wedding took place with everyone comfortable outdoors.