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March Memories

What a beautuful day it ended up being for a wedding.  Almost a glitch in the matrix when the groom’s parents were shuttled to the wrong hall, but they showed up exactly on time for the ceremony to commense.  As the couple were having their pictures taken outside at sunset–the traffic entertained us with the traditional horn honking. All was well with this super nice couple.  Congratulations!

A Glorious Last Outdoor Wedding!~

Who would of thought that the weather would be absolutely beautiful on October 30th for an outdoor wedding! Well, we were so blessed that the end of the season for outdoor weddings at Fore Lakes turned out so great! This out of state couple got a real treat with Michigan cooperating to make their special day that much more special with the sunshine and warmth to carry home with them and make it even more perfect. Everyone was smiling as the wedding took place with everyone comfortable outdoors.

Gentle Rain

We had always thought that rain would be a detriment on an outdoor wedding, but this day proved us totally wrong. It had been raining most of the day, but right before the ceremony, it stopped!  However, about half way into the ceremony, the rain began to fall again.   It rained so gently and so perfectly that all the guests remained in their seats and the wedding party barely got wet–it was beautiful!  The rain actually enhanced this couple’s day!  We wish the best for these newlyweds and hope the rain in their lives will always be gentle!

Windy Wedding

Rob & BobbiAs the outdoor wedding season is winding down, we had yet another wonderful experience at Fore Lakes Golf Course and Banquet Center in Kimball.  This is an outstanding location for any type of special event, especially a wedding.  The staff and ambience was “fore” star in our books!  Our delightful couple had a little bit of a challenge this day.  Even though it was a beautiful day, the wind was blowing substantially.  So much so that the maid of honor had to harness the bride’s veil to keep it from blowing off!  As part of their wedding ceremony was a segment addressing the “winds of life”.  Well, you can imagine how that went over due to the circumstances we were experiencing!   All the guests and bridal party were laughing due to the coincidence! 

Our prayer for this couple is that that was the only “winds of life” they will have to ever endure.  Again, a wonderful, joyous occasion!