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: ) The Brady Bunch . . . The Brady Bunch . . . ( :

. . . . that’s the way we became the Brady Bunch!  This super couple starts off their new life together with three children each.  Yes, they have heard it before, but what makes them unique is that they both have the Carol and Mike characterististcs to make this blended family work!  As you can see from this picture, the kids are pretty cool with their new siblings!  We had so much fun with our time spent with all of them and hope God’s best for this family to flourish and enjoy their new lives together.  Thank you all!

Love in Bloom

It had been raining off and on all day. We captured a picture of this beautiful rose that was a part of the floral arrangements set up by the archway. We were once again so blessed that our couple were able to have their ceremony outside in this beautiful setting. The bride was concerned that the dream they had was going to have to be modified, but fifteen minutes before the ceremony–the rain stopped and the staff at Thomas Edison Inn quickly wiped down the chairs and we were able to fulfill this new husband and wife’s first dream as a married couple. Congratulations!

Oh, Happy Day!

This beautiful couple ran to the gazebo because it was raining . . . we couldn’t believe it because we had prayed it wouldn’t rain!  Then something glorious happened.  Three minutes into the ceremony the rain STOPPED and the SUN came out!  It was extraordinary!  God keeps His promises and it sure made this newlywed couple happy. 

West Coast

This lovely couple flew in from California days before their wedding.  The bride was so concerned for the weather as it looked like any minute the clouds were going to open up and swallow the entire outdoor wedding.  Addison Oaks is such a beautiful location both inside and out–it would’ve been just fine to have had to have brought this wedding indoors.  However, the rain held off until they could have their dream wedding in front of family and friends.  We hope they have a great future together in their West Coast home!

There’s no place like home . . .

The beauty of a home wedding is the intimacy and memories.  Every day, this couple will remember their wedding day whenever they are in the living room!  What a way to keep your romance alive.  This couple chose to surround themselves with family and a casual, yet beautiful wedding.  How great of a day it was for both them and us as we got to be a part of not only their lives, but home as well.  We look foward to seeing them again and hope they have a long, happy life in the shelter of their love and home . . .

where it all started.

First Wedding of 2010

Here is the first wedding of 2010 performed on New Year’s Day!

We were so blessed to be able to not only bring in the New Year with this couple and their family, but also realizing that the first day of each new year, they will remember their wedding day as well!  How awesome to new begininngs, truly being a new beginning!  Blessings and Love to this awesome team who continue to enirch us with being  a part of our lives. 

Blessings for the New Year!

“And the two shall become one” (+ 3)

Fingwes 014Another beautiful and special wedding this past week.  The groom’s three daughters were a part of the ceremony with the oldest two walking him down the aisle and the youngest being the flowergirl.  They incorporated the girls into the wedding in such special ways.  Part of the ceremony was calling the girls to a circle holding hands with the bride and groom and praying as a new family as well as the girls being part of the sand ceremony.  The bride and groom were presented and then the girls joined the recessional as the new family was introduced.  It was extremely touching to see this wonderful couple wanting the ceremony to be a family affair.  Our best to all FIVE.  They already make a great family!