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Cherished Memories

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Getting to Know YOU

This couple met on the Internet–yes, I’ve said it.  Social websites are wonderful ways to meet new people and maybe even fall in love.  This special couple met in a chat room, continued to chat, which led to phone calls, then meeting and finally marriage! It is possible to meet the spouse of your dreams with a stroke of the keys . . . .           Fern Hills       

UPDATE:  Even as the years go by, we still hear from our wonderful couples!  Here is an updated picture of their blended family and their beautiful daughter who arrived just about a year following their ceremony!  We couldn’t be prouder seeing the families grow over the years!ZACHARY AND jASMINE

Country Comfort

As another wedding was about to begin, so was the storm, but the rain and winds held off for this couple to have their ceremony outdoors.  Since the DJ didn’t show up in time to get the set up for the ceremony music, we were ready in season and out by putting our wedding ceremony music CD in our car stereo and backing it up so the trunk could be opened for the speakers to play the processional loud and clear!  Just alittle extra touch that made this wedding most memorable!