Ceremony Planning

engagementThings to Consider when planning
Your Wedding Ceremony 
A note before we begin: Your Wedding day is all about you. It is every little detail exactly how you want it. We ask that you consider asking, (appointing seems more appropriate), someone who, after you get to the destination of your ceremony to field all guest questions via in person, cell phone, etc.Relinquish your cell phones to this person in the event someone is trying to contact you WHILE YOU ARE GETTING MARRIED!

We have seen Grooms walk out of the room one minute before the ceremony started, to give someone directions to the Wedding because, yes, they called him. We want you both to be able to concentrate and enjoy these moments to their fullest…without any unnecessary interruptions.

For the Processional
  •   For the Prelude before the Ceremony
  •   Bride and Groom’s Mothers
  •   For the Bridal Party entrance
  •   For the entrance of the BRIDE

Will the Groomsmen be walking the Bridesmaids up the aisle, or will the Groomsmen be up front with the Minister and Groom, and the Ladies walk down by themselves?

Also, will the Best man escort the Maid of Honor down the aisle or will he enter with the Minister and Groom and the Maid of Honor walk down by herself?

Will there be a Flowergirl and/or a Ringbearer? Are they old enough to walk down unescorted?

Will there be Ushers? Who will escort the Mothers to their seats?

Who will give away the Bride?

If both parents are alive and together, the father should walk the Bride down the aisle, and reply when asked by saying; “Her Mother and I”.

If there is only one parent, or if the parents are not together, you may want to consider other options.

Special readings or a poem?

Who will perform the reading? Often times the Bride and Groom will wish to incorporate a reading that has special meaning to them.

Care should be taken when approaching a potential Orator as some people are very uncomfortable in front of a gathering. The Minister is always an option to do the reading.

Unity Candle or Sand Ceremony?
If it is to be an outside Wedding, we suggest substituting a Unity Candle with a Sand Ceremony.
It’s YOUR day!

If it is a Blended Family Wedding, we suggest you go with the Sand Ceremony because it can vary in sand colors as many as are needed. The Sand Ceremony also provides a beautiful keepsake for the entire family to enjoy.

Together we will do our best to create your dream Wedding Ceremony!



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