Winter Wonderland

For some reason, winter isn’t the most popular time for weddings.  However, those that are brave enough to weather the weather, it can be a beautiful background especially overlooking a white coated golf course, which our couple chose at Sycamore Hills in Macomb.  It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon and the snow glistened over the green through the floor to ceiling windows creating a fairy tale appearance where these two great people committed their lives to each other.   Such a wonderful day–thanks for the memories!

Winter Wedding Ideas

Winter Wedding Ideas

This Is Why We Do What We Do! Thank YOU!

Her Man Is Back From Afghanistan!

What a great celebration this was!  This wonderful couple decided to seal their vows on 11/11/11, which was also Veteran’s Day.  This fine soldier had just returned from his third tour of duty and the wedding was a perfect welcome home!  All military personnel arrived at the wedding in full dress uniforms.  When this special pair took to the floor for their first dance, the groom presented his new bride with his camoflague vest, which she put on for this occassion.  We were so proud to be a part of this incredible day and hope and pray for a wonderful future together for them.

Blending of the Old and New


The groom’s background is Jewish, the bride’s Christian. 

 They chose to have a Christian ceremony, but wanted to include some of the Jewish traditions: 


The wedding ceremony takes place under the chuppah (canopy), a symbol of the home that the new couple will build together. It is open on all sides, just as Abraham and Sarah had their tent open all sides to welcome people in unconditional hospitality.

Breaking the Glass

A glass is now placed on the floor, and the chatan shatters it with his foot. This serves as an expression of sadness at the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem, and identifies the couple with the spiritual and national destiny of the Jewish people. A Jew, even at the moment of greatest rejoicing, is mindful of the Psalmist’s injunction to “set Jerusalem above my highest joy.”

The incorporation of these made this sacred ritual even more so and all the families were happy with the ceremony.  This couple plans to make a trip to Israel as part of an excavation project this winter.  That makes this entire journey come full circle.  We pray for peace and protection and great memories for this special couple that chose to share their day with us.  Congratualtions and “Mazel Tov!”

Bubbles, Petals, Sunshine and Sunglasses . . .

We were blessed to be a part of this couple’s special day at the Grecian Center.  It is amazing that every wedding we have done there called for a lousy weather day, but the weather has always been perfect.  When the wind was blowing and the clouds were gathering during the couple’s rehearsal, we assured them that all would be well with their wedding day, and it was!  The groomsmen were concerned that they would not be able to put their matching sunglasses into the wedding mix, but every0ne needed them this day.  The bubbles whirled and the petals placed–so all went as planned! We hope that sunny days and blue skies will follow them wherever they go!

Skies Were Gray – Still A Beautiful Day!

Alas, the cold spell that hit us the end of September was no match for outdoor weddings scheduled that weekend.  This couple planned to have their ceremony on the grounds of Forest Lake Country Club in Bloomfield Hills.  However,  the intimate and quaint room that these two tied the knot in was breathtaking.  It was a great alternative to their original plans and did not diminish the beauty of their wedding day.  Congratulations and may your future be far brighter than the skies on your wedding day.