Selfridge Standby/Italy Bound!

Two weeks prior to this wedding, we were contacted by the bride’s father asking if we could be on stay by for his daughter’s wedding.  Obviously, this raised our curiousity as the details were revealed that both her and her fiance’ were in the Air Force and currently out of the country. 

They had a three day window to fly to Michigan to get married before deployment to Italy and those dates were not quite known at this point. R and R They were to be married in the chapel on Selfridge ANGB. 

We were excited and honored to be a part of this precisely timed ceremony.  We got the word two days before of the time and made our plans accordingly.  The gloriously nervous bride and groom arrived separately as to not see each other before the moment of the bride’s entry.  R and R all smiles!

Her dad stationed himself outside waiting for the other family members . . . then came the glitch. 

A few of the guests were lacking proper ID to get on to the base!  After about a half an hour of negotiations and other forms of proof, the rest of the guests scurried in and the wedding began! 

A very proud moment in our lives to help these two beautiful members of our armed forces began their married lives before being sent to another country. Congratulations, thank you and–we salute you!


Ronnie and Rachel“Hello Reverend Martin, just wanted you to know that Rachel and Ronnie are expecting a baby boy ! They are now stationed in North Carolina at Fort Bragg. They just bought a new home there. Rachel is home this weekend for her baby shower and heads back on Sunday morning ! She received the award for Airman Of the year for all of Europe ! And was promoted to senior Airman !” 

. . . . . . . and the new arrival, makes 3!  Congratulations!!!!1453472_1435092033377459_1947341384_n