Let It Snow!

Erica and Christofer Feb 2013 001 (2)At rehearsal, this lovely bride said that all she wanted for her wedding to be perfect was SNOW!  There was alittle on the ground, but not exactly what she hoped for.  Wedding day came, not a snowflake in sight . . . until she walked into the chapel to dress and prepare for the ceremony.  Almost on cue, big, beautiful snowflakes began falling slowly to the ground and continued throughout the ceremony creating the white blanket of fresh, sparkling snow . . . I think God was smiling at this humble request and decided he would grant that wish.  We pray this couple finds happiness and blessings wherever they go in their journey Erica and Christofer Feb 2013 008 (2)through life.Erica and Christofer Feb 2013 002 (2)