Pretty In Pink

Again, an awesome Spring day at one of our favorite venues, The Grecian Center in Southgate.  As the bride walked down the aisle, the groom left the platform and met her halfway, continuing the path to the altar together.  Her beautiful pink gown captured the essence of the surroundings and the cherished moment they shared. You could feel the love between this couple, their family and friends.  Thank you for a great day.


One thought on “Pretty In Pink

  1. Dear Rev. Tab & Melanie,

    Thank you so much for helping us make our wedding ceremony so special. Wayne and I really felt like our ceremony had so much meaning for us, from the beginning with us entering the way we did down to the heart vows we spoke to each other. Thank you for your help in making our ceremony exactly the way we wanted. All of our friends and family were really touched by our ceremony; it meant so much to us to be able to share our happiness!!! Love, Wayne & Linda Brewer

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