Great Lakes Salute!

This was quite a day!  Not only was the weather about as good as it gets, the setting for this wonderful bride and groom was the backyard of his parents.  The ambience of this wedding by the lake was all this couple could have hoped for . . . except for the anticipation of the possibility of a freighter gracing our presence.  It looked like we were going to be disappointed on that front, when all of a sudden, this majestic freighter appears out of nowhere it seemed JUST as this happy twosome had been pronounced husband and wife.  After the congratulatory presentation, as if on cue, this fine ship gave the Great Lakes Salute with it’s horn.  The guest cheered and the couple could not get over the perfect timing of this most unique and special gift.  We hope their life is filled with pleasant surprises from this day forth ~


One thought on “Great Lakes Salute!

  1. When ever I look back on the Weddings I’ve done and the places I’ve been and the precious people I’ve met- I am amazed and so blessed that God has allowed me to be part of all this. Thank you all for letting me be a part of the most important day in your new life together. Reverend Tab

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