Shared Anniversaries

This couple decided in a hurry that it would be great to share the anniversary date with her parents! 

Since the family was going to be together, as his parents’ anniversary was the day before, it all came together for a beautiful, touching ceremony with the bride’s son and the groom’s daughter part of the ceremony.  Thank you for allowing us to be a part of blending these families and the fun future anniversary celebrations will be!


One thought on “Shared Anniversaries

  1. To say we put together our wedding in a hurry is an understatement. I had 5 day to put everything together. From the moment I got the call from Reverend Tab I knew we were in good hands. He was there to help with any questions that came up and he suggested the “Sand Ceremony” to include our children in the service. WOW! Am I glad we took his advise there, everyone that was there just loved that part! The best part is we have a beautifull keepsake from our day. Melanie made sure even though it was a small wedding in mom’s back yard everything was perfect. She even made sure we had “our” first few minutes as husband and wife off to the side so that we could reflect and enjoy the moment together. I can never say enough to show my gratitude to them both!

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