Tornado Warning NOT on the Itinerary . . .

All was perfectly on schedule for this Memorial weekend wedding.  The weather was alittle volitle, so the ceremony was brought indoors and went off without a hitch.  However, the location was the beautiful Marriott at Eagle Crest.  The lobby was a gorgeous setting for the wedding. How bad could that be? 
                               Right after the bride and groom signed their marriage license 
.  . .  the tornado sirens went off sending about 500 guests, staff, wedding attendees down into the tunnels to wait out the storm.  The reception was delayed a bit, but a most unforgettable day for this awesome bride and groom!  May that be the worst storm they have to weather as a couple.

One thought on “Tornado Warning NOT on the Itinerary . . .

  1. Hi Reverend Tab & Melanie,

    I just wanted to stop by and tell you again that Tyson & I absolutely LOVED our wedding ceremony and having the 2 of you be a part of it. I knew when I saw you for my sister-in-law’s ceremony, that you two would be perfect for us! Thanks for hangin’ in there during the tornado. We loved our day and I will always recommend you to anyone I hear planning a wedding. Our ceremony was beautiful and it was so helpful to have you two orchestrating the details!


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