Off to Iraq

Home wedding
Home wedding



I recently officiated a wedding for a very special couple. She was born in Michigan, he in Bosnia.

During the planning and scheduling of the wedding, she was here alone; he was at training in Washington, preparing to voluntarily return to Iraq for his SECOND tour of duty.

When I learned this, I couldn’t wait to meet this young patriot, and when I did, I shook his hand, looked him in the eye, and said “Thank you. Thank you for your willingness to sacrifice for the freedoms of me and my family. Thank you for your strength to stand for our way of life and the things we hold dear”.

 It was a perfect wedding. One of the best orchestrated I’ve seen. The ceremony was held on the stone deck at the home of family member. The bridal party entered by walking up a winding stone slab stairway…what a day.

I was honored to perform the ceremony, and will keep this couple in my prayers until ALL our soldiers return safely home.


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