A Shared Anniversary

 Waldenwoods Resort is a beautiful location for any wedding–inside or out.  The weather report was not good for this day and, needless to say, the bride was nervous that the wonderful pond wedding was going to end up all wet!  We sat with her at rehearsal and told her that our anniversary was on her wedding day and that we had a beach ceremony.  It had rained the entire day to the point that the minister called and questioned our intentions of getting married outside?  We told her we were going to regardless and prayed that God would clear up the day.  Sure enough–15 minutes before our ceremony, the clouds opened up and the sunset was magnificent–history repeated itself for this grateful couple and the ceremony was awesome!
A Shared Memory

A Shared Memory


One thought on “A Shared Anniversary

  1. When I look back over all the planning and as I told you “the wondering if I was where God wanted me to be” on these arrangements for the wedding, my heart swells along with the tears in my eyes in complete thankfulness. He led me to you ….and you and your dear wife Melanie were the perfect people to be there that day for Jessica and Greg. Both of them and Dave & I thank you for the warmth, love, and care you both put forth and show in all your ministry. Your dedication and enjoyment in what you do is so very obvious. It was especially appreciated when you both try so hard to make everyone relax and enjoy this very special day. That is a special gift you have been blessed with, for I know not everyone posesses that kind of quality.

    Many people told us how beautiful and touching the ceremony was and I thank you both from the bottom of my heart.

    Mother of the Bride

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