How It All Began . . .

blog 001Sixteen years ago, I met my soulmate through the Personal Ads (before Internet existed : >).  I asked her out after we talked on the phone for several hours and was thrilled that she agreed.  When she stepped out of the car, I knew she was the woman God had for me all of my life.  We went to watch the sunset on Harsens Island and realized we were made for each other.  I asked her to marry me 4 days later and she said yes!  We wanted to get married at sunset on the beach we spent our first date and had alot of trouble finding someone to marry us “off premises”.  It was three days before our wedding when one of her friends found someone willing to do the ceremony.  We married 31 days after we met–on Harsens Island–at sunset.  Little did we know at that time, I would be the one doing wedding ceremonies–but it was a natural passion due to our own experience! 


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