Along the Way . . .

On our first wedding anniversary, my wife and I began attending church together.  We both had “religious backgrounds”, but somewhere along the way, our paths in life put our relationship with God on the back burner.  When we knew that God had brought us together–we began to feel an urgency to get back on track.  After a few years at the church, I felt that I needed to be licensed in a ministerial capacity as I was head of the Praise and Worship team and mediated at the Men’s Fellowship breakfasts.  After seven years as a licensed minister with International Ministerial Fellowship, I began the process of ordination.  Once I had met all of the criteria needed to become ordained, I received my credentials, but did not really know where it would take me.  Five years later, the answer was revealed when a friend at work asked me to perform his wedding ceremony.  This was to be a first, and I was so honored to be asked . . . but nervous nonetheless.  The rest is history–I had found my calling!


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